Happy Parent Plan

We stand by our services so much that we have a "30 Day Happy Parent Plan" where if you are not happy with your experience at Little Sprouts within the first 30 days of enrollment you can let us know why and leave without a two weeks notice.

*This does not include if you move or have a change in your child care needs.

*All days your child attended will need to be paid for.





Kristin R.

"I absolutely love Little Sprouts! My daughter is 4 months old and I looked at many daycare's before finding this one. Every time I drop her off or pick her up the room is dim and quiet. Some babies are napping while others are engaged with various toys. She gets tummy time and interaction with other babies and her amazing teachers. I could rave about them for quite a while!"

Amanda H.

"As a first time working mother, childcare was not something that I knew a ton about. We starting looking for childcare while I was still pregnant and you can never know all the right questions to ask or what is going to be important to know after your child is born. After my first child was born, I was so lucky to be able to have her with me at work. As our child grew, I knew that I had to make one of the biggest decisions of my life, where do I take my baby while I work? Little Sprouts came highly recommend by family and friends, but it was still so hard to think about leaving my child with people I didn't know. I made the decision and choose Little Sprouts and I'm so glad that I did! They take such great care of my child, and Lifecubby is awesome! I get updates throughout the day of what my child is doing, including pictures! Little Sprouts has been a great fit for our family!"

Jen and Justin P

"Deciding on who should take care of the most important and priceless thing we have, our kids, was one of the most difficult decisions in parenting we have had to make. We feel continually blessed that our children our at Little Sprouts Academy. We feel that our children our safe because of our positive interactions with all the staff, the layout of the facilities, and the continued communication the staff provide. We feel confident that our children are being loved, educated, and challenged because of the schedule and curriculum in each room and experience and education of the staff. Hands down the food provided is the best in town and the center is always clean and well kept. Little Sprouts has come with bonuses that we weren't even looking for but absolutely love; regular events that are offered that aid in building community within the Center and creating a feeling of family as well as LifeCubby (online Child Care Communications Program) where I can check on my kids all day long using my computer or smart phone. LifeCubby has helped my success with Breastfeeding as well as provided many smiles throughout the day with the messages and pictures; it has also aided in good dinner time conversations about the happenings of everyone's day. I can't say enough good things about Little Sprouts and recommend anyone who is looking. Every dollar you spend here is worth it!"

Larry and Stacy P

My three year old twins have been going to Little Sprouts since they were 12 weeks old and my husband and I have nothing but good things to say about the owners, teachers, cooks and facility. Joe and Lucy truly care about the children that come to their center which shows through the daily care the children receive, but also the extra events that bring the children and families of Little Sprouts together. They organize events such as an annual birthday party of when the center opened, they get a Little Sprouts group together to do walk/runs and they have a garden party each year so the children and families can help get the flowers and garden ready. They wouldn’t have to do these things, but they do and it really makes us feel that we are a part of Little Sprouts family. The food that the center serves is very healthy, organic (whenever they can) and homemade. My daughter has a genetic disorder which affects her body’s ability to break down medium chain fats. We have to watch the foods that she eats to ensure she is eating a healthy diet, versus many foods that are high in fat and this has never been a worry since day one at Little Sprouts. When the twins started eating baby food, I made my own at home so I was prepared to send that along for meals and then found out that they also made their own baby food to feed the children – they did not do store bought! I was elated! My children have eaten healthy food that I honestly had not heard of before (and they like them!!) and the cooks take time to teach the children about healthy eating. The teachers are compassionate and love the work they do. When my kids come home and talk about their teacher on a regular basis it tells me they enjoy being in her class. They have learned a great deal while being at Sprouts such as manners, songs, numbers, letters, etc. But what’s more impressive is that they learn about gardening, healthy eating and a healthy environment. Little Sprouts offers automatic withdrawal payments which I love, they have a number pad for entry into the center which adds an extra layer of safety for our children and they utilize a system called Lifecubby to track the bathroom times, food intake and naps. My husband and I are able to download the Lifecubby app on our cell phones and then we can check the app anytime throughout the day. I love this feature because I need to know what my daughter has eaten and how much (due to her medical condition) and this is by far the easiest way to get up to date information. I could really go on and on about Little Sprouts, but I have already written a short novel! I would recommend this center to anyone!"

Emily, Barry, and Huck H.

Moving to Menomonie last summer, my husband and I were in need of daycare for our one-and-half-year-old son. We began our search for daycare providers in the area and found Little Sprouts. From their website, we were impressed with Little Sprouts’ eco-friendly philosophy and child-centered focus. On our initial site visit, the friendly staff was welcoming and we liked the homey feel of Little Sprouts. Our son has been enrolled at Little Sprouts since August and we continue to be happy with our choice! We really like the Lifecubby option for daily news, reminders, and pictures; it is a great way for us to check-in during the day and "see" how our son is doing or review how his day was in the evening. Healthy, organic meals, structured lessons and curriculum, and caring, qualified teachers, what more could we ask for … our Little Sprout"

Polly H

"One of the things that really attracted me to Little Sprouts Academy was the food. I was never happy with the food that was served at my son's previous daycare. The menu typically consisted of canned fruit, processed foods, lots of sugar and milk that was not organic. I felt powerless to do anything until I heard about Little Sprouts. I was impressed with their philosophy regarding healthy eating and nutrition in general, but more specifically for children.During the first week that my son started at Little Sprouts, the chef prepared quesadillas with chicken, guacamole, black beans, onions and tomatoes. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my son ate most of his quesadilla! I was blown away when I later discovered that the tortillas in the quesadilla were made with spinach! That day I took my son home, prepared a similar quesadilla and my husband and I watched in awe while my son devoured his dinner! He would not have done that a week ago. I am so impressed with the food at Little Sprouts Academy. The other day I walked in to find the chef preparing banana pancakes from scratch! The food prepared at Little Sprout is the same food that I prepare at home. I couldn't be happier. The owners, Lucy and Joe have really made us feel very welcome and we consider ourselves so lucky to have discovered this wonderful daycare."

Karen M

“From day one, we fell in love with LS.  Once your children begin at LS, your entire family becomes part of the LS family.  Their care, cleanliness and FOOD is far superior to the centers/in-home daycares we have used in the past.  We feel fortunate to have found LS!"

Megan B

“We switched to Little Sprouts this winter after running into issues with our former provider, but it's been a wonderful move for us. The whole staff (particularly Joe and Lucy) have worked very hard to make sure our girls felt welcomed, and did their very best to ease our transition. We love the homemade, nutritious food (not the "white bread/white pasta/tater tot casserole" menu you see at other centers) that expose our daughters to new foods they may not have tried had they been given them at home. We love that our older daughter will be able to attend 4K there, and later get bussed to her elementary school when she's in Kindergarten. The small class sizes are great and the teachers are all very caring and devoted to the kids. We got to help build the vegetable garden that the center will be using, and it was a great experience for the girls to participate in that activity (as it inspired interest in the garden we have at home). We even pay online, and not having to take a check in every week is super convenient. Overall we have nothing but good things to say about Little Sprouts. Wish we'd made the move sooner.” 

Skye G

“Little Sprouts is the most amazing childcare facility I have ever come across.  My only son Jackson attends LS for drop-in care and they are so accommodating for my hectic schedule.  The loving husband/wife team along with the well-trained staff and in-house chef makes for a great combination in bringing the best values for my son and other children to learn from.  We have been with LS for about a year but now we are moving and are having a tough time finding a daycare that comes anywhere near the standards that Little Sprouts has set.  No other facilities in the area have their same eco-friendly philosophy and help to teach our next generation how they can make a difference in their community and even the world.  The bar has been set high and I would recommend this daycare to anyone who cares about the planet and helping our children grow!” 

Laurie W

“My grandson, Miles goes to this daycare and they are so loving and great with him!  He has had some health issues and they have been absolutely AMAZING with getting through a very difficult time.  Would recommend this daycare to everyone who wants quality daycare.”        

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